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About The Playwright
Evelyn Jones Reed

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Multi-Award Winning Writer/Director/Producer Evelyn Jones Reed

What should have taken her out is the very thing that took her up. After being brutally raped

and left in a ditch to die at the age of five, she developed a speech impediment and didn’t

speak for a year. But after a teacher encouraged her to write and act out what she wanted to

say, she learned that a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Since that time,

Evelyn Jones Reed has used her theatrical and literary gifts to encourage people across the



Evelyn’s theatrical journey to success started with two drama groups, The Sojourner Truth

Players and Shadows of Arlington, which performed at various historically black colleges

and universities throughout Texas and Louisiana. She was afforded the opportunity to

perform on the stages of The Jubilee Theater, Hip Hop Theater and Casa Manana. She also

modeled for L'Charles of Dallas.  After serving as the Drama Ministry Director at her church

for over nine years, Evelyn produced and directed her first major production, Hallelujah! He

Reigns.  With the overwhelming support of her original stage productions, such as You Got

What You Wanted but Lost What You Had, What In Hell Do You Want?, Creeps and Silly Women,

Seven Women, One Man, If You Play with Fire, You Get Burned, When Hell is a Place Called Home

and A Dead Church, she founded W. G. Ministry Theatrical Productions in 2007. Through her plays,

the mission and purpose is very clear: to communicate God’s Word in an innovative, creative way while

encouraging audiences to relate to what’s being displayed on stage. Her gift has not only made room for her

it has opened unimaginable doors of opportunity.


Evelyn has had the distinct honor of working with some of the world’s greatest artists, including two-time Grammy Award winner and actress, Ms. Ann Nesby; and film and stage actors Tony Grant, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Samson Logan, Miguel Nunez and Andre Pitre. She’s also worked with gospel recording artist, CeCe Godbolt, Gwen “Gigi” Gray, Cena’, Charwick; R & B recording artist of the group Color Me Badd, Kevin Thornton; and gospel recording artist and actress, Dana Hemphill to name a few.


In 2021 Evelyn was featured in Voyaged Dallas Magazine and Phenomenal Overcomer Magazine.  She received the 2018 PEACH Theatre Award for “Best Stage Production of the Year” for her stage play “Creeps and Silly Women” presented in Bermuda, 2016 PEACH Theatre Award for her stage play, “What In Hell Do You Want” presented in Cozumel, Mexico, Church Stars Magazine “2016 Gospel Stage Play of the Year” for “Creeps and Silly Women” and Church Stars “2016 Playwright of the Year” presented in Phoenix, AZ. Church Stars Magazine “2017 Gospel Stage Play of the Year” for “Seven Women, One Man”, the 2015 PEACH Theatre Award presented in Nassau Bahamas, 2014 Special Achievement Award from the 2014 Dunbar Alumni Association, the 2012 Trailblazer Award from Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, and the 2013 Black Business Owner Award from Epitome Magazine.


But her unmerited favor doesn’t stop there. She has written over 40 original poems, scripts, monologues and seven original songs. She holds a degree in acting and dance from the University of Texas-Arlington. A woman who is fully confident in who she is in God and her God-given purpose, Evelyn’s story of triumph, victory and success speaks to the hearts of packed-out audiences worldwide. Her stage productions push those in attendance to not only live another day—but to live victoriously every day.

Evelyn is a member of Dunbar Alumni Association of Fort Worth, a member of LIFT Ladies in Film, a mentor for Academy 4.  Evelyn Jones Reed and W G Ministries Theatrical Productions has successfully written, directed and produced over 23 productions spanning from stage plays, comedy shows and concerts.  


W G Ministries Theatrical Productions

W G’s mission is to effectively communicate God’s word inside and outside of the sanctuary. We aspire to operate under the anointing to produce a quality, outstanding production that brings the word of God to life in a way the audience can understand and relate to. 

Matthew 19:26

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