Delia Mae Jones
Theatre Awards

Mrs. Delia Mae Jones    September 8, 1924 - September 11, 2005

Delia Mae Jones

The Delia Mae Jones Theatre Award was created by her daughter Evelyn Jones Reed to honor

Delia Mae Jones and to recognize and celebrate the quality of faith, courage, selflessness,

community service Delia possessed.


The Delia Mae Jones Theatre Awards inspires excellence by honoring the under recognized individual

who demonstrate their significant accomplishments through tremendous impact on the lives of others,

who has exhibited exceptional dedication, courage to overcome a difficult situation, selflessness of their

service to the community.   The Delia Mae Jones Award reflects the spirit of Delia Mae Jones, possessing

strength in the face of adversity, courage in the face of peril.  The Award is inspired by the life that Delia

lived.  Her courage and faith to face her battle with cancer.  The Winners of the Delia Mae Jones Award

strive to carry on Delia’s legacy in their own lives.

Tommye Young-West

Special Guest Performance Artist

Ms. Tommye Young-West

Gospel Recording Artist

Darnell Roebuck

Special Guest Performance Artist

"Big Husky"

Comedian, Actor, Co-Host "Legal Plug"


"Creeps and Silly Women" VIP Pre-Show

Photos from 2018

2022 Delia Mae Jones Theatre Award Recipients

"Creeps and Silly Women" VIP Purple Carpet Pre-Show

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